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Beaufort West- Water Crisis!

The town of Beaufort-West in the Central Karoo, South Africa is
currently experiencing severe water scarcity. Dam levels are at
their lowest in living memory, and the main supply dam looks to
be near bone-dry.

The town is currently without any surface water sources as its
supply dam is completely empty. It is at present, solely reliant
on groundwater from boreholes, donations of water in tankers and
bottles from individuals and organisations who heed the call to
provide water. Every drop of water is seen as a blessing since
the local Gamka Dam dried up two months ago.

The ongoing drought in Beaufort West has forced municipal
officials to enforce water shedding. The municipality has
restricted its community to twelve (12) Kilolitres per household
per month and completely cuts the water supply every thirty-six
(36) hours. Tankers then supply the households with wash water
and five (5) litres of drinking water per day. No vehicle
washing, irrigation of gardens etc. is allowed.
Al Imdaad Response:
The Al Imdaad Foundation is currently in the process of
facilitating the transportation of water to the region by
collecting water from various surrounding towns. This water is
filled into water tankers which have the capacity to store 32
000 litres of water and is then transported to Beaufort West.
The cost of filling up the tanker is R6 000.


The Al Imdaad Foundation is also looking at the possibility of a
long term solution such as the establishment of boreholes once
negotiations have been finalised and the immediate need for
water has been met.

Your support will make a difference to the lives of thousands of
fellow South Africans.


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Banking Details:

First National Bank
Al-Imdaad Foundation
Branch: Estcourt (220325)
Reference: Beaufort West, Water Relief
Fax: 0363524114
Contact Details:

Al-Imdaad Foundation
P.O. Box 481, Estcourt, 3310, KZN, Republic of South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0) 36 3521557 OR +27 (0) 36 3521553
Fax: +27 (0) 36 3524114
Email: queries@alimdaad.com
Website: www.alimdaad.com
CALL CENTRE 0861786243 0861786AID

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